Banking details for H S B C

For use with donations and direct Debit arrangements
For the foreseeable future we will remain with HSBC, so this is our donation information:

You direct the cycle of payment, be it Monthly, or yearly, and You decide the amount, Note: We cant change any details.

SORT Code: 40 42 18

Account No : 83892689

Name: South Hampshire Repeater group

55 Above Bar Street,
SO14 7DZ

034457 404 404

Your bank may well ask for a "reference " for us your "callsign" will identify You as our kind donator

sometimes your bank will ask purpose of transfer !: aiding amateur radio or words to this effect

Your Donations are very much appreciated

Take your account details with our details to your bank with the amount you have in mind , and ask them to start the direct debits

Paypal are not accepting payments for us at this time.